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Key figures

€ 9.8 billion

The total amount invested by operators to develop fixed-line and mobile networks in France in 2018. That's 75 billon euros in 10 years.


The number of 4G antennas approved by ANFR as of 1st November 2020, of which 48,925 are in service, taking into account all operators.


The average price of a fixed-line/mobile package in France in 2019 (including VAT/-month). Compared with: €35/45 in Germany and €50/41 in Spain. France has the lowest in all of Europe.

2,000 billion

The total consumption of mobile internet in MB in France in 2016, versus 0.5 billion in 2006.


In 2019, every €1 invested by telecoms operators in superfast networks (fixed ans mobile) generated €6 in cumulated Gross Domestic Product in France.

17.4 Mbps

The average mobile connection speed, in megabits per second, in France in 2016. Compared with: 10.7 in the USA and 9.3 in China.


As of the 30th of September 2018, 3,344 communes in the "White zones - rural communities" programme have mobile internet access via mutualisation among by the four operators.


As of the 1st of July 2017, 90% of the French population on average have 4G coverage (99% for 3G).

€1.236 billion

The amount of specific tax imposed on the three major operators in 2018 (including the contributions for cinema and public television).


The proportional household expenditure on telecommunications in France in 2018, by contrast with 2.9% in 2009.


In 2018, corporation tax on telecoms operators was 25 times higher than on the internet giants.

32 years

The cost-effectiveness timeframe for capital investments in the French telecoms sector. Compared with: 20 years in health and industry, 25 years in oil.

14 years

On average, teenagers are allowed online autonomy at the age of 14.

4 hours

42% of children aged 8-11 ans 77% aged 12-15 surf the internet for 4 hours (or more) per week. 90% use it for their schoolwork.


74% of parents favour dialogue to address risks online and 62% favour checking privacy settings.


99% of people aged 18-24 own a smartphone, by contrast with 21% of those aged 70 and above.

207 billion

The number of SMS ans MMS messages sent in France in 2016. This number is declining on account of the proportionally increasing use of instant messaging services (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, etc.).


73% of the french population own a smartphone (+8 points in only 1 year), among which 68% use it on a daily basis.


61% of people in France made a purchase online over the last 12 months. 28% support the sharing economy (+9 points over 2 years).


44% of the French population watch videos on their smartphone (+10 points in 1 year) and 60% check their emails (+15 points over 2 years).