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Our Organization

The Federation is headed by Michel Combot, its Managing Director. His duties include organising and overseeing projects, managing affairs for the Board of Directors, holding deliberations and updating the Board as to the progress of works and of the achievements obtained as a result. He succeeded Yves Le Mouël in 2016.

The Federation resorts to experts that represent its members in the undertaking of its various projects. Consequently, more than three hundred people are engaged on a regular basis in the development of recommendations for action and of common positions.

Michel Combot is surrounded by a team of nine people:

  • Aude Boisseranc, Institutional Affairs Manager ;
  • Leïla Daifi, Executive Assistant ;
  • Jugwal Doyen, Project Manager for Fixed and Mobile Networks ;
  • Alexandre Galdin, Responsible for Economic Studies and Regulatory Affairs ;
  • Ingrid Gibaut, Executive Assistant ;
  • Alexandra Laffitte, Policy Manager – Content Regulation, European Affairs, Services ;
  • Virgile Paris, Webmaster ;
  • Alice Provost, Communications Officer ;
  • Olivier Riffard, Director of Public Affairs.


Our members

Our Values

  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Listening
  • Respect
  • Innovation