2 déc 2015

FFTelecoms call for a "french Digital Act"

FFTelecoms published the 5th edition of "The Economics of Telecom Report", carried out by Arthur D. Little. This report is a reminder that telecom operators are the pillars of the digital economy. It also stresses that France and Europe are at risk of a "digital slip" despite recent initiatives. It calls for public authorities to restore a balance in digital-related policies, by benchmarking against best practices from around the world.
24 juin 2015

French Telecoms Market: revenues fell 16.9% over 2010-2014

In its 2014 activity report, ARCEP (the french telecoms authority) states that operators’ revenues decreased by 3.4% over the period 2013-2014 and by 16.9% over 2010-2014. This is to be compared with a decrease in revenues for European operators of 1.3% over 2013-2014 and 6.5% over 2010-2014.
12 fév 2015

Belgian Telecom Regulatory Authority Study: French telecom operators are the cheapest in Europe

The Belgian telecom regulatory authority (IBPT, Institut belge des services postaux et des télécommunications) undertook a comparative study of telecom prices in August 2014 in five European countries (Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom). The study that compared 699 mobile and landline offers confirmed, unsurprisingly, that French operators are champions in offering low prices to their consumers.

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