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Network Operators Commit to Accessibility

Network operators commit to accessibility

  • 8,000 trained sales representatives (+8%): a sustained policy on the part of operators to train and raise awareness among their staff with regard to disability and accessibility
  • 4,825 hours (+21%) of communication in French Sign Language (LSF)* / Cued Speech (LPC)** / Text for the deaf and hearing impaired
  • 123,700 adapted brochures (+7%) printed on paper
  • More dialogue between associations, public authorities and the Federation

An ever-increasing offer tailored to different types of disability

  • 1,100 adapted mobile phones
  • 26 adapted mobile terminals labelled by operators
  • 37 adapted mobile or application services labelled
  • Increase in remote controls and smartphone applications with voice-control for TV interfaces

Network operators devote even greater attention to the needs of users

  • 2 access audits conducted on operator websites
  • Launch of an open-source solution dedicated to website accessibility
  • A higher proportion of adapted stores
  • 404 dedicated software programs for visual impairment installed by operators and their partners (+46%)
  • 12,302 adapted paper bills for a more individualised service. Paperless billing in readable format by means of tailored applications.
  • 22,557 tools for visual notifications of incoming calls/messages installed