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“Young People and Access to Content Online”: “Innovation 2017” Awards

FFTelecoms, the French Alliance of Digital Industries (AFNUM), Google, l’Étudiant and TECH IN France held a call for projects entitled “Young People and Access to Content Online”. Also find out more about our Harris Interactive survey!

The presentations of the six shortlisted projects before the professional judging panel took place at Le Hasard Ludique, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

After oral presentations by the candidates, three winners were chosen by the panel.

Each winner was awarded a prize in addition to a €10,000 grant.

The judging panel consisted of professional representatives from the telecoms, digital and media industries.

The six selected projects are:

  • Cood
  • Génération Numérique
  • Kiibox by Kiiway
  • OPEN by “Observatoire de la Parentalité & de l’Éducation Numérique”
  • Picpurify
  • Stop l’intox, by Tralalere

The jury is made up of telecom, digital and specialized media professionals.

What type of project proposals are expected?

  • An innovative solution to access control or consumption management;
  • An initiative or project offering support or education for children or their parents with regard to online content;
  • Measures promoting responsible digital consumption.

What are the selection criteria?

Alignment with the objectives, technological and industrial relevance, compatibility with the expectations, usage and tastes of the young population, social impact and continuity of the project. The candidates – companies, non-profit organisations, researchers and laboratories – had to submit proposals relating to reasonable and responsible use of electronic communications by young members of the public (under 18 years of age).

What is the French Telecoms Federation doing in this area?

The Federation is helping to address the issue of “young people and access to content online” within several working groups. It takes action to raise awareness of cyberbullying and of how to protect young people in their day-to-day lives, aimed at schools: in Évreux, with the department of Alpes-Maritimes, in Yonne, etc.

In 2017, it published a guide designed for parents and the education and non-profit sectors, entitled “Internet: How to Support and Protect Your Child”, which is also available online and free of charge.

In 2016, the French Telecoms Federation and its partners gave awards to three companies – RogerVoice, Ivès and Sequeris – for their work on the accessibility of electronic communications for the deaf and hearing impaired.

  • RogerVoice, a speech-to-text application, has now entered into distribution and other commercial partnerships with a number of network operators, raised funds and hired staff.
  • Ivès, a provider of hearing assistance solutions based on speech-recognition, opened a centre in Canada in 2016.

Sequeris, which develops 2D- and 3D-movement detection technology for the translation of sign language, has gone on to expand its offer, notably with a gesture-control solution for televisions.



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