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  • Michel Combot, Chief executive
    Michel Combot Chief executive
  • Stéphanie Brun, Director of Communications
    Stéphanie Brun Director of Communications
  • Leïla Daifi, Executive Assistant
    Leïla Daifi Executive Assistant
  • Jugwal Doyen Project Manager for Fixed and Mobile Networks
  • Alexandre Galdin, Responsible for economic studies and regulatory affairs
    Alexandre Galdin Responsible for Economic Studies and Regulatory Affairs
  • Ingrid Gibaut, Executive Assistant
    Ingrid Gibaut Executive Assistant
  • Alexandra Laffitte
    Alexandra Laffitte Policy Manager – Content Regulation, European Affairs, Services
  • Virgile Paris, Webmaster
    Virgile Paris Webmaster
  • Alice Provost, Communications Officer
    Alice Provost Communications Officer
  • Olivier Riffard, Director of Public Affairs
    Olivier Riffard Director of Public Affairs