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Photo library


  • Arthur Dreyfuss (SFR), President
    Arthur Dreyfuss (SFR), President
  • Didier Casas (Bouygues Telecom), Vice-president
    Didier Casas (Bouygues Telecom), Vice-president
  • Jérôme Birba (EIT), Administrator, Treasurer
    Jérôme Birba (EIT), Administrator, Treasurer
  • Marie-Georges Boulay (SFR), Administrator
    Marie-Georges Boulay (SFR), Administrator
  • Christophe Cavazza
    Christophe Cavazza (Colt France), Administrator
  • Anthony Colombani
    Anthony Colombani (Bouygues Telecom), Administrator
  • Nicolas Guérin
    Nicolas Guérin (Orange), Administrator
  • Pascal Hugueny (Verizon), Administrator
    Pascal Hugueny (Verizon), Administrator
  • Laurentino Lavezzi (Orange), Administrator, Secretery
    Laurentino Lavezzi (Orange), Administrator, Secretery
  • Philippe Hallopeau (Odigo), Administrator
    Philippe Hallopeau (Odigo), Administrator
  • Cécile Revillard (La Poste Mobile), Administrator
    Cécile Revillard (La Poste Mobile), Administrator


  • Michel Combot, Chief executive
    Michel Combot Chief executive
  • Stéphanie Brun, Director of Communications
    Stéphanie Brun Director of Communications
  • Leïla Daifi, Executive Assistant
    Leïla Daifi Executive Assistant
  • Alexandre Galdin, Responsible for economic studies and regulatory affairs
    Alexandre Galdin Responsible for Economic Studies and Regulatory Affairs
  • Ingrid Gibaut, Executive Assistant
    Ingrid Gibaut Executive Assistant
  • Alexandra Laffitte
    Alexandra Laffitte Policy Officer for Uses and Contents
  • Virgile Paris, Webmaster
    Virgile Paris Webmaster
  • Olivier Riffard, Director of Public Affairs
    Olivier Riffard Director of Public Affairs
  • Project Manager for Fixed and Mobile Networks
    Émilie Venchiarutti Project Manager for Fixed and Mobile Networks


  • Logo de la Fédération Française des Télécoms.
    Fédération Française des Télécoms
  • Logos d'Altice et de SFR (Société française du radiotéléphone).
    Altice SFR
  • Logo d'Arteria.
  • Logo de Bouygues Telecom.
    Bouygues Telecom
  • Logo de Colt Technology Services.
    Colt Technology Services
  • Logo de Euro Information Telecom.
    Euro Information Telecom
  • Logo d'Hub One.
    Hub One
  • Logo d'IP Directions.
    IP Directions
  • Logo de La Poste Mobile.
    La Poste Mobile
  • Logo de Legos.
  • Logo de Manifone.
  • Logo d'Odigo.
  • Logo d'Orange.
  • Logo de Prixtel.
  • RATP Connect
    RATP Connect
  • Logo de Syma.
  • Logo de Verizon.
  • Logo de Worldline.