12 Feb 2015
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Belgian Telecom Regulatory Authority Study: French telecom operators are the cheapest in Europe

The Belgian telecom regulatory authority (IBPT, Institut belge des services postaux et des télécommunications) undertook a comparative study of telecom prices in August 2014 in five European countries (Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom). The study that compared 699 mobile and landline offers confirmed, unsurprisingly, that French operators are champions in offering low prices to their consumers.
Belgian Telecom Regulatory Authority Study: French telecom operators are the cheapest in Europe

For postpaid mobile phone, French offers tend to be a lot cheaper than other offers for small and medium callers: a low-use customer consuming a small amount of data would for example pay €8.27/month in France while he would spend €20.55 in Germany. For high-use customers, only British offers are slightly cheaper than the French ones: an intensive voice use paired with an intensive data consumption will cost €25.45 in the UK and €26.90 in France, which is less than half of what it would cost in Germany (€63.95).

Concerning landline telephone, French offers remain the cheapest for low and medium consumption (about €30) whilst being average for high consumption (about €38 in a range of prices going from €35 to €40).

As for mobile internet (for digital tablet users), France stands out in offers allowing a very high data consumption pattern (between 2 and 5 GB): a French consumer will spend about €15.03 on average while a Belgian will have to spend more than twice as his neighbour (€33.53).

However, the most striking performance of French operators in offering low prices lies in triple-play offers, as French offers are the cheapest, all profiles and speed combined. While a French consumer would spend less than 40€ a month for an internet speed higher than 100Mbps, the same pattern of consumption would cost more than 70€ in the other four countries and up to 93.99€ in the Netherlands.

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