24 Jun 2015
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French Telecoms Market: revenues fell 16.9% over 2010-2014

In its 2014 activity report, ARCEP (the french telecoms authority) states that operators’ revenues decreased by 3.4% over the period 2013-2014 and by 16.9% over 2010-2014. This is to be compared with a decrease in revenues for European operators of 1.3% over 2013-2014 and 6.5% over 2010-2014.

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Source: ARCEP, annual report 2014

Mobile services revenues decreased by 6.3% year on year and 25.6% over the last 5 years, according to ARCEP’s figures. Meanwhile, the number of SIM card holders in the country continued to increase and reached 79.9 M of which 46% are equipped with a smartphone. 3G and 4G active users also continued their increase to reach 42.8M and 11M respectively.

As a direct consequence of these evolutions, the global mobile data consumption almost doubled over the year (+92%); since 2010, it has increased 4-fold. (See also: Usages : le trafic internet français multiplié par 2,4 à l’horizon 2019- in French)

Operators’ revenues from broadband and fixed Next Generation Access continue to increase at a +6.3% rate over the year, mostly because of the 4.1% increase in subscriptions (26M at end of 2014). 15.4M households subscribe to “multiplay” offers including TV access.

During 2014, operators sustained their investment strategy, spending 7 billion euros (vs 7.3 billion in 2013), allowing 13.3M households (40% of all households) to be eligible to fixed NGA offers and to upgrade fast in order to meet the soaring demand for mobile data.

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